Thursday 30 July 2015

New Mini Bank Terminal Launches Safe Depositing and Payment

Mini Pay the latest design and creation from self service kiosk manufacturer KT Group has just been packaged up to depart to our client for its inagural presentation.  The prototype terminal is a launch into a new sector for KT related to retailers who wish or have a need to bank safely instore the days cash accumulated but as a secondary module of recycling in the devices equipped inside the terminal also offers retailers to use the Mini Bank to fully automate ability to create daily cash drawers coin and note requirements for cashiers.
Mini Pay has integrated coin recyclers and cash note recyclers internally stored inside its UL291 approved 6 inch steel safe box.  The coin recycler based on MEI BCR unit can hold multiple coin denominations of most international curriences in its coin hoppers,  furthermore at the top of the main cabinet safe we have designed a coin drop box that allows user to simply drop handfuls of coins simulatenoursly into the coin feeder for coin sorting automation thus automating coin sorting cycle quickly and efficently.   The terminal is also equiped with a MEI BNR which means that unit can accept bulk note acceptance and quickly and effiecently sort bulk note feeding and automate the process and store these notes inside in the strong cash box fitted inside 6 inch safe box.
The top secondary case holds the industrial fanless computer and thermal printer,  the operator can either choose to use the touch screen operated 12 inch monitor either as at Mini Pay Station or simply lift it up and remove it and place it remotely from safe in case of space problem this makes Mini Pay a safe terminal for all spaces.
The Mini Pay will now be taken for further testing before expected roll outs begin in latter half of 2015 as in normal circumstances a prototype will always require some modification and tweeking after real life use has put the machine into testing.

Monday 20 July 2015

500th Beast Terminal Departs to Betfirst

KT Group Limited has just recently completed production of another round of Betting Terminals Beast ordered by our client BetFirst.  Betfirst located in region of Benelux situated in heart of Belgium have since launching their betting shops expanded vertically quickly to become one of the leading firms providing Sports Betting Cafes.

KT has just finished what now totals 500 Beast terminals,  with challenging beginning back in 2012 when the client had initially placed an order it soon became apparent that what was needed was a evolution in design for customer to raise the level as a serious competitor.  Betfirst unlike many of its competitors who utilize traditional suppliers of gaming machines like TAB, Scientific Gameses or Novomatic placed its trust with KT Group a small but dynamic business that has evolved in its short 10 year history as provider of unique designs and with this in mind KT design team created the BEAST. 

The short video typifies a Betfirst sports betting shop of which there are now dozens spread across Belgium and its parent company hard at work to expand its market share into new locations.   KT Group has already begun its development for Betfirst newest terminal solution based on a small compact model which is expected to launch soon.

Monday 13 July 2015

Product Spotlight Digital Signage 3 Sided Payment Kiosk

KT Group Ltd a company specializing and internationally renowned in manufacturing specialized kiosk terminal solutions and digital signage machines has developed on behalf of Travelersbox a terminal that combines payment acceptance as well as digital signage advertising a must when your client is working in some of the most prestigious airport locations in the world.

The model still under its factory label D8TB has a impressive footprint measuring 1.5 sq meters which if you consider that the pylon has 3 large screen electronic monitors, as well as a interactive touch monitor plus all the payment components the footfall is quite compact. 

The terminal has further been designed for future safe integration of adding a printing device such as a VKP80II thermo printer from Custom if required but the standard default comes with a MEI SCseries note validater, coin acceptance is handled by the robust and reliable G13 from Crane in this version we have managed to integrate dual G13 validators to expand the acceptance of different coin currencies.

The kiosk also utilizes old fashioned print media advertising by having on each side an area were a poster print can be inserted in a special designed LED light box to enhance the poster print advert. 

KT staff kindly call our terminal the Christmas tree of kiosks as it has an array of functionality and lights.  It has more importantly increased our customers profit retention by increasing the attention of the terminal in situ.  

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Digital Signage Indoor vs Outdoor

The market exploded some ten years ago with digital signage and there was a clamor for innovation to be pursued both in software and hardware, the likes of Four Winds Interactive, Working Solutions, Scala were all feverishly working on launching their DS platforms to present to the global retailing markets.
The hardware sector saw the development of large style pylon enclosures being launched from companies like Friendly Way, Rosendahl ConceptKiosk, Protouch and KT Group.  The real challenge for hardware manufacturers was to develop a completely hermetically sealed terminal that could be used in harsh outdoor conditions and especially challenging when it is plus 30 Celsius outside.

KT Group working with US based design corporation Shweikart developed its own unique designs in form of model Essence, these were robust curved enclosures with ability to stand both internally inside and with optional weather pack be suited for outdoors as well.   The enclosures were designed for large monitors not 42 inches but 55 or 65 inch panels as big was bold and beautiful then.

The outdoor version was manufactured in a thick steel plate and had outdoor powder coat textured paint finish for a robust shell,  inside the unit boasted its own air-conditioning and heating system that was automatically thermostatically controlled so that enclosure could operate in both climate below zero Celsius as well as plus thirty Celsius. 

Several options could be combined if required such as WIFI, RFID and Bluetooth all popular for several marketing purposes and the large monitor panels were fitted with special developed projective capacitive touch panels. 
These units can be found both in North America, Europe and in Middle East and many of them are now well into their 7th and eighth year and still running without critical failures.   Digital Signage has slowly declined since its heyday but there is still a tremendous interest in all sectors of commercial private business markets for interactivity and advertising.