Thursday 3 September 2015

Height Adjustable Kiosk Terminals

Self service in a word is for everyone,  and that includes persons or individuals who may find it difficult to interact with a free standing kiosk terminal due to a disability that prevents them from being able to reach surface of the touch monitor which typically is preferred mechanism to interact between person and machine.
In fact many countries nowadays employ governing bodies and regulations that are embodied to ensure that everyone must be allowed to access the information provided and this is no more prevalent than in government and public money expenditures related to self service.   A useful tool when a body is researching into the set of requirements laid out could be sourced from following the kind information provided by ADA-Kiosks.

The picture below which was kindly provided by KioskIndustry 
Illustrates the general guidelines for fulfilling most criteria s set out by governing bodies,  and in this case the solution is based on designing the terminal from need of fixed position.  But at KT Group we discovered that by implementing a motorized arm,  these are similar to the type of motorized arms being used by for example table top manufacturers we can in fact create a versatile machine that will adjust its height to the users needs.  This terminal is based on our unique designed model M1.