Monday 20 July 2015

500th Beast Terminal Departs to Betfirst

KT Group Limited has just recently completed production of another round of Betting Terminals Beast ordered by our client BetFirst.  Betfirst located in region of Benelux situated in heart of Belgium have since launching their betting shops expanded vertically quickly to become one of the leading firms providing Sports Betting Cafes.

KT has just finished what now totals 500 Beast terminals,  with challenging beginning back in 2012 when the client had initially placed an order it soon became apparent that what was needed was a evolution in design for customer to raise the level as a serious competitor.  Betfirst unlike many of its competitors who utilize traditional suppliers of gaming machines like TAB, Scientific Gameses or Novomatic placed its trust with KT Group a small but dynamic business that has evolved in its short 10 year history as provider of unique designs and with this in mind KT design team created the BEAST. 

The short video typifies a Betfirst sports betting shop of which there are now dozens spread across Belgium and its parent company hard at work to expand its market share into new locations.   KT Group has already begun its development for Betfirst newest terminal solution based on a small compact model which is expected to launch soon.