Wednesday 5 July 2017

Obstacles to overcome on starting a kiosk project

In reviewing our dozen so years of manufacturing self service kiosk projects, we have experienced that several projects are doomed from onset so they either never reach point of approval or are at best piloted but rejected before mass deployment and we have reviewed some of our cases and found that these objections or causes can be easily overcome with simple set of guides.

Analysis stage is were the client is undergoing the research to reach a target or goal that is achievable with a kiosk deployment,  in past project analysis is important but should not be looked as an obstacle in several cases we found that due to list of goals far outreach clients ability to secure these achievements as goals expand ever larger.  A simple guide is that like any new project keep the guidelines to a simple version to begin with and expand and grow on those in time, invariable we can far easier reach goals when we break them down into steps to be achieved and those large deployments that were successful were based on founding principle of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
Software application,  a daunting opportunity for many kiosk investors who do we approach, do they have pedigree and expertise to meet our demands and purse,  KT Group can help here we have vetted many of the kiosk software firms and we can and do invite clients to speak to us so we can assist we are able to shed valuable information that will assist in choosing the right partner for software development.

Bespoke of kiosk hardware
,  many kiosk investors wish to customise their kiosk hardware but may be worried that it requires in-house knowledge KT Group literally speaking bespokes each project now bespoking a kiosk may mean simply changing a peripheral device with another or in extreme cases having to start from scratch but whatever requirement KT Group has dozen years experience and we can walk you through process simply and many times without huge costs involved.

Certifications can cause concerns,  whether it is a simple CE or a full UL certificate requirements are different for each project but all vetted kiosk manufacturers and developers should be able to guide you through a path of successfully having your terminal project meet guidelines and then in turn receive certified approval.
Speak to us openly and without concern, all our staff are here to assist we don’t place burdens of cost for time we in return provide answers and if those meet with your approval we can surprisingly for many ensure that we take most of the challenges you were concerned and turn them into easily managed steps to reach a target.

Monday 24 April 2017

Custom Digital Signage Interactive Kiosks

Nowadays trend of having a unique custom design has risen more of the industry that works in field of manufacturing self service and digital signage are being requested to have customisation as part of its tool kit to be able to satisfy savy based clients whose appetite for enriched designs are part of the solution they wish and only those firms who can bring innovation into a design concept for hardware will win lucrative contracts that are on offer.

KT Group has been working with industrial designers since it began, it was vision of KT CEO Kenneth Larsen when first launching his company back in 2005 that a cornerstone of its product portfolio required for its success and longevity lay in being able to resource with industrial designers experienced in creating visionary designs.   Twelve years on and well over 100 ideas the company has worked with some of the top tier billion dollar corporations and were awarded small and also large contracts because of its ability to present a design that met with there vision of a concept.

Digital Signage crops up everywhere in retail and transportation sector, need for information exploding since turn of millennium has created a billion dollar industry with many endowing their success on developing platforms to showcase visual art and hosting the visual digital information is on a terminal,  part of KT Group custom platform certainly contains many variations to industry leading design innovation and a few showcase pieces demonstrate that.

1. Interactive Mall Terminal Concept

2. Interactive Outdoor & Indoor Mall Terminal Concept
 3. Bus Stop Interactive Information Terminal Concept
 4. Interactive Mall Terminal Concept

A few selected concepts all of these concepts were developed and engineered and 2 of them went onto mass production,  but these concepts strengthened core of KT experience that our visions to enhance the locations will assist in success of a project.  Namely the public will always been drawn to visually impacting designs.