Wednesday 19 August 2015

Transport Flight Cases For Kiosks

An undisputed fact for any firm that exports 99% of its produce is shipping, and with shipping comes the importance of choosing packaging to freight your goods in.   A kiosk although commonly is designed and built in metals to be robust and protective to the inside delicate components housed inside is still a machine that requires tactile handling which as most are commonly aware of sadly transporters are not known for.
In case of air freight which is our experience is the toughest handling due to countless points it is man handled on the way to its destination and with many having to ship it to several locations we at KT Group suggest to ship using a transport designed specialist flightcase

Are flight cases are designed for multiple use, with hinged easy but strong metal closing mechanisms that can be locked if needed,  internally are units are housed inside hard foam cases which protect the units from weather conditions such as dust, humidity and moisture as well as rough handling as cases are mounted on lockable wheels that make it easy for moving when needed.   Cost wise when purchasing a machine that costs a few thousand dollars the few hundred dollars the case cost makes sense to most so we have found that investment is prudent and advisable especially if the unit is a sample terminal that is needed to be flown to multiple destinations.  Unlike the mass produced units we produce that are shipped almost always by sea freight containers these are packed in wooden shipping crates that are ideal for 1 time use from Destination A to B.

Ask your sales rep next time your considering such a investment it is worth every penny these flight cases cost,  plus when it turns up it creates a professional look as well to any formal business presentation to investors to boot.