Thursday 15 February 2018

Outdoor Payment Kiosk Dynamic C9

Self-service kiosks are found across a wide market of applications and thus a demand has arisen for clients seeking to install kiosks for use in outdoor locations, outdoor can be anything from a wide open space without any other form of roofing or coverage as well as locations that are still outside but within a building structure say a self-service petrol station or a train concourse.

Outdoor self-service brings solutions to our clients requirements at very forefront of the citadel infrastructures and provides service 24x7 to worlds population demanding ever more quick resources to their needs,  self-service providers continually developing new concepts to expand on outdoor market shares some of the latest ideas are convenience foods in form of pizzas being placed in outdoor locations such as train stations to provide our appetite for warm tasty food at any time of the day or skiing passes that grant skiers access to new slopes on mountains.

KT Group a local Hong Kong business that specialises in custom self service kiosk manufacturing and has for past thirteen years been providing hundreds of customers with uniquely manufactured custom self service kiosks has developed many different forms and shapes to meet customers demands for outdoor engineered manufactured self service kiosks.  One flexible approach is to utilize a current form or design and then customise it to meet the application and KT Group model C9 has been restyled to fit purposes for “ski ticketing issuance self-service”, “golf swing analysis”, “top up mobile recharging for air time” but to name few of the concepts the C9 has been previously utilized on.


The basis of the enclosures is a totem shaped cabinet that has stocky muscular form and a top that encroaches at front to protect the monitor and enhance the visuals on touch monitor so that users can more readily access the digital media easily and comfortably,  the muscular shape a necessity as stock body of the cabinet core metal is traditionally based on a thick steel plate to ensure it is robust and sturdy to withstand acts of vandalism or just every day use that can occur in outdoor environments.  The inward area surrounding the touch monitor provides spaces to implement hardware integration such as printers, pin-pad devices, coin slots and validators, cash bill slots and validators and total free standing enclosure has a large space to give a special visual graphic artwork in case client wishes to brand it.

The C9 uses high impact anti vandal locking mechanisms and louvre style ventilation to ensure flow of air can be continuous and ensure internals such as industrial rated fanless computer can run 24x7 without interruption and although no installation can ever be 100 percent protected from damage the more experience the manufacturer ensures less risk due to hands on experience gained from over a decade of practice and knowledge.