Friday 10 April 2015 new site

The last few months has been a tremendously busy period for KT with new projects underway as we started into 2015 we have quietly been working on wanting to relaunch the companies website simply because the old site was not representative of the growth and product development the company has focused on in self service kiosk terminal design.
The old site in fact dates back to 2009 and thus it had to be refreshed so much has changed in KT Group,   we have expanded in human resources with 10 compared to 4 back in 09,  we have moved into new offices in 2012 in Shenzhen China and most importantly the company has steered its path into focus of custom kiosk terminal manufacturing with a heavy emphasis on self service kiosk payments.
The site now has a full up to date listing of the latest designs,  we have produced a full new range of betting terminals or also known as FOBT (Fixed Offline Betting Terminals) which include models like Beast, Whizz, Evoque and Apollo a selection that offers basic functionality with additional expertise to customize that KT are specialists in.  The success in past 24 months working on projects for likes of NCR and Betfirst were important milestones as we were able to demonstrate not only by what the company already knew itself but physically as well that we could muster enough know how and knowledgeable expertise in our staff to be able to effectively manufacturer large production volume manufacturing for first time in 2014 we undertook single production runs of 250, 351 unit orders which we could deliver on timely manner to international corporate clients that expect such service. Some of these we have updated into our newest section of Case Studies page,  we are proud to be associated to partners and customers that extended us their trust that they showed us when orders were physically confirmed.
We are still currently working on some additional new features for the site,  one feature launched today was our kioskterminals blogger site having been integrated into corporate site the blog will focus on KT Group in news, product launches, new custom designs and also newsworthy stories from world medias relating to self service kiosk markets.   We recommend for visitors to return regularly to the site to keep up to date and check out the latest updates to the site over next few months.