Tuesday 21 April 2015

Cinema Ticketing Kiosks

As several of our customers are already aware KT distinguishes itself with its unique designs that we develop in cohesion with our customers wishes and demands,  one such project we worked on back in 2010 was for Nordisk Film who are largest chain of cinemas in the Scandinavian countries.

The enclosure that the client preferred to establish a base for design was based on our model Simplicity Kiosk that was originally designed by an award winning designer Jerry Schweikart, the units came equipped with full cashless card payment solution and ticket dispensing printer and in all 65 of the cinema ticketing machines we ordered by the customer.

Original design by Jerry Schweikart

What happens with allot of our kiosk machines once we ship them from our production facility in Shenzhen is that they go out in the field and then we no longer here about those machines ever again unless of course their is a fault which requires KT Group to assist in warranty RMA procedure.

In this case our partner House Of IT who are sadly no longer a business in operation as they went into liquidation in 2015 had in fact received so much commendation from their customer that they sent us a letter of recommendation.

Now lets fast forward to April 2015 so five years have passed and i am out on a family vacation back visiting my country of origin Denmark,  my family and I decided we wanted to go and see a movie we ended up at one of the cinemas owned by Nordisk Film near Copenhgaen and as I walk into the cinema I noticed immediately the shiny looking units that my company manufactured back then. I literally turned around to the family and pointed out that it was those that our company manufactured 5 years ago and hey as we had not heard anything in that time i gathered that the units we still active and proof was shown yesterday evening as i gladly purchased 3 tickets with my creditcard on one of the units and walked away with tickets and a receipt.  Just goes to show that KT kiosks are well manufactured terminals that are designed for longevity and components hand picked for their excellent craftmanship.