Wednesday 21 October 2015

Bill Payment Kiosks Cash & Contactless Kioskterminals

Self service is a broad sector were we as citizens of world can interact with machines for a purpose,  one sector that creates immediate satisfication and interest is ability to pay for a service or a product and KT Group has been for past 6 years since we launched our very first foray into payment terminals created a full range of terminals that are designed for paymenta quick reference link to some of the latest models

SFI was the very first terminal we entered into market for payment kiosks,  designed by award winning kiosk designer Jerry Sweikart and since sold to several private commercial enterprises both in Europe and North America the unit shown below was created for a German enterpise back in 2010.
The following machine design KT manufactured labelled VFS was a slightly less bold design due to clients requirement for a cheap inexpensive box but none the less many hundreds were shipped in period of 2011 to the client based in Vietnam.
The VFS model proved a successful design for many other business engagements throughout 2011, 2012 and 2013 with further clients having invested in Malaysia, Mexico, Czech Republic, UK.  

In 2013 KT Group changed its designer to a new fresh talent based in Slovenia our new designer began with changing our stance on design to bring fresh new ideas to the design portfolio of KT Group.  We have in past 3 years launched our current range of payment kiosks which you will see on our product page linked here and also a few custom designs we have prepared for special one off projects such as D8TB terminal shown below and are installed into airports.

Other noteable designs include latest machine designs CUSP1 and CUSB1 which are launching 2015 and are exclusive to KT Group customers.

The expansion of payment kiosks into all types of different retail locations and accepting both cash, coin and cashless or contactless payments all have to pass several processes for security, userability, safety and conformity all of which KT Group provid as a full turnkey service provider for kiosk hardware.

Our references include many well known brands and corporations globally stretching from Asia, Europe, Middle East & Africa and North America.  Our 10 years in the business of specializing have given development in product industrial design on par with leading companies worldwide and nowadays we manufacture for companies as well known as NCR and who see us the rapid manufacturing partner they require to launch new solutions into marketplace with speed and carftmanship for quality and fast customer service response.