Monday 22 August 2016

Product Client Design Development

In any business relationship between manufacturer and client,  it may be consumer (case example with Apple or Samsung continually developing its range of products annually and relaunching new and improved versions) it is same to be said with business to business clients that we as manufacturer’s listen to their needs based on real life data usage that is collated then assimilated and market research is fed back to us and this data is then converted into design, performance enhancements to physical solutions so that our clientele can reap maximum returns from their investments.

KT has collaborated with host of clients one such specific customer began its operations back in 2012 launching a new service that focussed its business statement in wanting travellers to deposit their leftover foreign change into its terminals,  initially we proposed one of our standard enclosures which could encompass the requirement of paying in cash and coins,  and provide dual screens in which interaction on primary touch monitor coupled with informational advertising for its service via secondary screen. 
The initial 5 terminals installed as a pilot proved to client the service it provides was initially deemed a success to further deploy more units, but with data collected client then altered its requirements which then was handed to us and our design team created a version 2 that embodied those needs and a further 25 machines we purchased for expansion.  Fast forward to present day we are now manufacturing a version 4 which has transitioned into a solution that has seen it assist the client achieve further VC investment and expand its locations to half dozen new locations and client is fast on track to reach its goals and targets a true success story that KT Group has a reputation in not only providing a manufacturing service,  or that we are able to attract businesses to invest in our product designs but more importantly for customer we can selectively turn data into design and innovation that surpasses and supports the customer needs to attract key primary need to attract users to the terminal and then make it simple for not only consumer to use but also for technical support
KT Group has its manufacturing operations in China, but our team of employees each one brings experience to process and provides invaluable insight to the full turnkey solution we provide in from start to finish in a business relationship with our clients who most are long term prospects that continually engage us to think new solutions to their demand requirements from all important key factor that the success is driven to expand the project returns clients investors expect.