Friday 26 June 2015

Product Spotlight Evoque

There is a general consensus amount leading industry experts that sports betting also better known as FOBT terminals are the latest gambling sector to be hit by an epidemic and KT Group was quick to realize this and develop its own range of terminals for sports betting.

One such model is our basic package labelled Evoque an allround metal cabinet enclosure which is able to support both contactless, cash and coin operations.  Dispense receipts and betting slips from a installed thermo printer and with KT expertise customisation is easy to redefine new cutting edge options that may present itself on market.

Evoque was designed by KT Group exclusive design partner Ziga Gorjup of Gorjup design and the partnership between designer and kiosk manufacturer is developing grown breaking concepts.

The terminal is designed so that it can be easily serviced from front access door and upwards lift monitor frame. Making the terminal ideal to be placed up against retail wall locations.