Thursday 1 December 2016

Most Copied Kiosk Photo online

Several years ago KT Group manufactured a slimline free standing terminal as in picture depicted below,  this photo is an original photo we had prepared with a photographer and we proudly had it uploaded to our online profiles at our website and also as part of our showcase on Alibaba which at the time we were part of the Gold Membership programme.
Fast forward to end of 2016 approx. 8 years ago the photos were taken and just out of curiousity as i have over years noticed many copyright infringers have taken our photo and used it for their own purposes i decided i would do a Google Image Search the outcome was a hit ratio of "Page 6 of about 25,270,000,000 results (0.40 seconds)" incomprehensibly our image has circuculated that many times in such a short period.
A practice we now have learned by and stopped placing all our stock photos online to allow for those copyright infringers to take our Intellectual Property,  its a sizeable problem to deal with this especially when you are as in case of KT Group a SME enterprise we simply do not have resources to challenge a case each time.